Sunrise Cycling

It’s 6.30 am and the sun is shining bright as I set off. I feel its warmth on my face and can’t help but smile. It’s so peaceful at this time of day. I slowly pick up speed and sense a cold bite on my exposed calves and on my arms. It spreads to my chest a few minutes later. It’s cooler than I anticipated. I usually ride in the heat of the midday sun. The hotter the better. I love feeling the heat on my back, on my arms and legs, gently cooled by the breeze created by a moving bike.

This morning I’m wearing layers, gloves and a neck gaiter. Will this be enough? I didn’t think to take a hat and wonder if I’ll regret it. The sun rising across countryside fields distracts me from the temperature. Morning dew is everywhere and gives a soft focus to grassland. Rabbits are hopping back into bushes or across fields as I approach. I’m clearly not as quiet as I imagined.

I can’t help but stop to take a picture briefly. As I jump back on turquoise Specialized Dolce, I realise that I’m actually wearing too many layers. It’s been 20 minutes since I left home and I must have warmed up because my t-shirt feels slightly clammy. The wind is unforgiving on wet clothes and I’m now colder than I was before I stopped. It’s too late to remove my jacket now as I’d get even chillier exposing the damp yellow shirt underneath. It’s a basic cotton shirt, that I love for its brightness but it’ll take too long to dry. It gets worse when I arrive in the road sections covered by trees on both sides. I’ll just have to ride a bit faster. I apply slightly more force when pedalling. Fingers crossed it’ll warm me up and get me back home quicker

Back on sunny stretches of road, I forget about the crisp start or the early hour. A golden glow envelops the fields, trees, wild flowers and wild grasses everywhere I look. Nature is blooming. I slow down to an easy pace, savouring the calmness of it all. Birds are chirping in the distance. The only other sounds are my chain moving through gears, my tires on the tarmac, the usual squeaks of the bike. And my breath.

After hiding behind trees, the sun is in sight again. And it’s kissing my cheeks.

Good morning to you too!

Morning Sunshine
Morning Sunshine (photo by A.)

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