Month 2 – A new start?

Date: 05th May 2020
Days unemployed: 33
Days spent looking for a job: none
Days spent in isolation: 49 (7 weeks)

A new month, a new start.


Not really. A new try at being productive maybe. I have to. I’ve signed up for a couple of courses and would really like to not completely waste the money and time I’ve already invested in them.

I have the beginning of a routine, with a writing hour with London Writers’ Salon every week day at 8am. P.E. with Joe every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

What happens after 9:30 though is still very much undefined and but usually doesn’t involve more than an hour max of purposeful work (and that’s on good days).

It often has long spells in the garden tending to young plants if the weather’s nice, reading a book or browsing Instagram in the sun or on the sofa any time of the day, many times a day, sometimes baking/cooking, sometimes knitting, mainly plaining video games lately.

Mostly though it’s being distracted by emails, news, social media. It’s so easy when you have a laptop, a phone or an iPad always within reach. I mean, I’ve had to add ‘brushing teeth’ and ‘showering’ to my daily to-do list to make this it happened every day… I’m the queen of getting distracted and procrastinating.

But every morning, I wake up with the best intentions. Every morning, I’m ready to try again and make it work. I’ll keep trying, tweaking the routine, the triggers, the organisation until it works better. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say.


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