Week 7 – Together but Apart

Date: 14th May 2020
Days unemployed: 43
Days spent looking for a job: none
Days spent in isolation: 59 (8 weeks)

This week the other half resumed work. Still working from home but definitely working. This leaves me as the only person in this house without obligations. Without commitments and free to sleep all day if I want. Not that I am. But I could.

I was writing last month about how I was very lucky he had been furloughed because it meant we were on similar very relaxed schedules, with no expectations aside from our own. Ironically, he got the call to go back to work a day or two after I wrote this post…

Now we’re trying to navigate being on different schedules and making sure this doesn’t turn toxic. It so easily could.

Wouldn’t you be jealous if your other half was always at home, lounging around, doing nothing while you have to work and put up with the sometimes frustrating demands of work colleagues & manager.

Wouldn’t you be a little annoyed with your partner telling you about all the things your old company and team is doing or not, and how you can’t influence any of it any more because they’ve let you go? I’m not sure I was done working with this company, and it’s hard hearing about it and the people I used to work with through someone else, almost every day. It’s not helping me to move on and away. But can I complain? At least I have the freedom to do what I want every day. You could say I’m on an extended holiday. Almost because we’re still in lockdown and I’m not any closer to being able to travel anywhere…

So here we are and there’s already been a comment or two about how I am lucky to not be working…

So I’m diving deeper into the couple of courses I’ve signed up for. Because this way, I am working. Working on my next career, on what I want my life to look like in the next few years. But working nevertheless. And I feel it’s easing things a little. We’re both working after all.

Let’s see what the next couple of weeks bring on.


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